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 Welcome to my website.

I hope you enjoy your visit.  I have been pioneering the artistry of large 3D-MuralScapes or 3D Photo Murals since 2000. The style balances color, depth, and image to create unique contemporary works that typically exceed five foot in length and 30 inches in height. 
By using Fine Art Giclee of photo images to create the panels I am able to create images that will outlast their owners while having the finest  color reproduction available.

My passion for photography began when I worked as a darkroom assistant when I was 15. (I lied about my age to get the job).  I learned traditional darkroom processes as well as tricks of the trade and techniques that only a few have retained through the years.  I have been producing photographic art since. Many of the techniques I learned have easily translated into the digital age.

My art hangs on the walls of collectors and institutions from coast to coast as well as internationally. My photographic work has been published on magazine covers, in annual reports, and corporate brochures. I was elected to Professional Photographers of America in 1985 and have been a member since. 

I am mostly self-taught. I experiment with a combination new and old photo techniques continuously creating unique images to please both the eye and the imagination. In all I do I strive to bring new vision, insight, creativity and technical excellence to my creations. I work from my home studios in La Jolla, CA and Vail, CO. </p>

To purchase photos from this web site just select the Buy button to the right of the photo(s) that interest you. Purchased photos are mailed directly to you. No fuss. NO muss. Purchased photos DO NOT have the blue watermark on them. The blue watermark protects against unauthorized use of these photos on the internet.  Thank you for your business.

I can be reached via Email.  <a href="mailto:lee@leezwebgallery.com">Email Lee</a>

Thank you for visiting my web site. I can be reached via mobile phone or email as indicated below.

Lee Carver



I began making multi-image three-dimensional photo murals in 1996 to fulfill a commission from a Silicon Valley entrepreneur for his office lobby. The style reflects how we actually see landscapes (optical snapshots are forged together in the optical cortex of our brain to form the vision we know as the scene) while our eyes are constantly moving. Viewing landscapes a new way has brought additional creative insight. It captures the imaginations of youth and adults. It conveys three dimensionality.

My work ranges in size from 24” in width to works exceeding 12 feet in length. The style lends itself to even larger works. Each work is unique. The images are of fine Giclée. Recent works have utilized printing on aluminum and new mounting techniques to better manage harsh environments (-30 degrees and 50 mph winds). My work hangs in corporate facilities, homes, conference rooms, and the lobby walls of collectors from coast-to-coast and internationally. I was elected to PPA in 1985. I endeavor to bring vision, insight, and technical excellence to all I do.

Prices for my work ranges from $275.00 to $25,000.00.

Additionally I do works of a more conventional nature including: Portrait, Travel, Assignment, and Stock Photography.  I look foreword to working with you or your designer or architect.

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